Come Inside – Lil Uub
Genre Rap

Come Inside


Yeah ouu yeah ouu yeah yeah yeah yeah aye come with the ay

first verse

Come with the heat, fuck nigga dead in the streets
I'm wipin yo nose with these cleats
She wet up my sheets, her pussy be drippin on me, this water be drippin on me
I want me a lambo, I want me some cash, I'm eating some cookies, she got a fat ass
I want me a check I got it real fast, fucked her so good we ran to the past
Drinking that juice, put the glizz in thе cool
I'm not just a rapper I do what I do
Living my life and I'm playing it cool
She chokе on the liq it's too rough for her tubes
30 in the clip we can bang that shit back
Not talking bout covid I've been wearin the mask
I got me dog, not afraid to bite back
I ghost her some more she damn it's like that
I fucked my side hoe she don't know it's like that
You thought you was trippin but I'm really like that
Copped me a coupe I got robins and bats
They shoot for this loot they don't care where it's at
Put 20 on ya head, they'll blow of your cap
Land on ya roof and I'm tearin the gas
Stay away from your windows we quiet like cats
It's a mafia nigga don't fuck with the pack


I just wanna get high and fuck, [yo sexy ass] some mo
You can come inside girl just close ]close the fuckin door]the door
Follow the rose pedals that I put all over the flo
Once you reach this bed you can take this dick I'ma put it in ya throat[throat]

Second verse

Not pressed [naw
Never stressed [what
Fuck y'all hoes cause Im the best [yeah
He Call my name while we in bed [baby
Not a nasty bitch [naw] but give me head [wet
Let em lick me up while I count this bread [money
Kiss em on the lips, put ass to rest
Bitches can't touch me, y'all a mess [ha
Niggas say they love me, nah that's stress
Kiss my ass, get them bags
Boy get cha money up
Never cuffin none of ya
All broke an dumb asf
Miss me wit that simp shit
Nigga think he real slick
Read a nigga like genesis
Yea I saw that ugly bitch
I'm to classy
Attitude nasty
It's Cut like ot
Bitches when you see me you Iont know me
But ya nigga chase me like he the police


I just wanna get high and fuck [you sexy boy] some mo
You can come inside boy just close the door
Follow the dolla bills till you see my ass bouncin on the flo
Once you reach this bed you can lick my pussy let it drip inside ya throat [ahh]

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