Cold Grey Death – Dead Quiet
Genre Rock

Cold Grey Death

I think I saw you moving, I thought I saw something move in your eyes
A darkness and a light, at the same time
Who do you think you are foolin’? You’ve burnt the candle from both sides
Now here you lie

Cold grey death decides the finality of all of this
The sorrow, the madness, the horror, those things that you saw

I don’t know what you were thinking, curled up writhing, ready to die
The lasting moments of life, spent inside
You didn’t know what you were doing, you thought you were just killing time
One morе and you’ll be fine

Hello strangеr, I didn’t catch your name?
It was me who found you laying in the street
I knelt down before you during your final breath
And here it is, your cold grey death
There was no trouble finding your shallow grave
It was right there, lying next to mine
Feels like forever since it was yesterday
So here it is, this is your destiny

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