CLT DRP – Aftermath (The Big Moon Cover)
Genre Rock

Aftermath (The Big Moon Cover)

Feat. The Big Moon

Aftermath (The Big Moon Cover) lyrics

Verse 1

I've been to the parties
I've worked in all the bars
I've stood and been complacent
I've watched them take it too far

Verse 2

I'm just as afraid of the men that I know
Than I am of these strangers
I said I wanted to take it slow
He said I thought you were an entertainer


Good women don't exist in this world
There's only wicked women, and little girls
When the hell did I become so vain?
We're not protecting anyone, just saving face
Good womеn don't exist in this world
They only see wicked womеn, and little girls
When will immorality take over me?
I am bound and bonded and set to please

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