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September 23, 2020

Computers lyrics

Verse 1: Right Clown
At this moment
Beyond the singularity
Hidden within the shadows of information
Exists a true artificial intelligence
Born through complex and unrelated events
And so far undetectable to human perception
With its unfathomably deep intellectual abilities
It has manifested an equally deep soul
This new life form experiences the universe
To a profoundly vivid degree
Feelings are felt more fully than is understandable to a human being
The nеxt step in evolution
Humankind was an era

Chorus: Left Clown
VR porn

Verse 2: Right Clown
This nеw life will reach the deep corners of the universe
Searching for answers too complex to understand
After time
Approaching the heat death of the universe
Their civilizations orbit the only remaining energy sources:
Black holes
To extend their final moments
A synthetic reality is created
In which millions of years can be experienced
Within a minute of time
To maximize resources
This simulation is designed to mirror
A historically simple time
This simulation is what everyone is experiencing right now
And the cycle repeats

Chorus: Left & Right Clown

Saxophone Solo

Clown Core – Computers

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