Clay Finnesand – When You're in Love
Genre Pop

When You're in Love

Verse 1

I'm up all night just to hear her story
When I'm with her, there′s no hurry
Holding on to every word she says
I'd do anything just to see her smile
Sip rosé, watch Grey's for a while
Try some things I never thought I would
But that′s just what you do when you′re in love


When you're in love
Forever never feels too long
Every melody sounds like our song
Your heart is so light
Feels like you could fly high above
When you′re in love

Verse 2

I never knew what a diamond cost
But it's the greatest thing I bought
Your pricelеss heart was the easiеst "I do"
So when we laugh or when we cry
Know that I'll be by your side
Come what may, I'll always choose you
′Cause that's just what you do when you're in love


When you′re in love
Forever is just getting started
And you still haven't seen the best part yet
Who knows what's ahead?
But we're hand in hand, that's enough
When you're in love
When you're in love

Verse 3

My favorite memories are starring you
You're more than I deserve, it's true
We're stronger now after all that we've been through
A life without you isn't lived
I wouldn't trade my greatest gift
No fairy tale could ever dream this up
Yeah, that's just what you get when you're in love


Yeah, when you're in love
Forever flies by like the wind
And you do it all over again
You're still my best friend
To these years, I thank Heaven above
We're still in love


So thank God above
When you're in love

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