Citizen Fish – Disposable Dream
Genre Rock

Disposable Dream

Disposable Dream lyrics

Don't offer me paintings of sunrise
When I can look out and smell the real thing
If it weren't for the brown clouds of poison
We'd be having sunrises in spring

Don't ask me to bathe in your photos
When the sea is a beautiful black
If it weren't for the oil and the nuclear waste
We'd be swimming a long way and swimming right back

Do we really consider the image
That we're given to be the only one or
Can we say from a first hand impression
That behind the one angle there's more?
Don't quote me the holiday brochure
As you're thinking of words on the phone
Was it really as good as the pictures
That the T.V. presenters had shown?

Don't amplify standard perceptions
Cause when they get loud they distort
And no matter what type of speaker
Being there is the only resort

Do we demand some more information
Or do we get out and see it for real?
It's a second hand weaker sensations
If we only pick up what they deal

Don't point to the latest in fashion
Cause the finger is beckoning back
Between image and it's repetition
You can hardly distinguish the gap

So don't worship the ground that's been walked on
Is there not enough space to go round?
Are there really no pictures unpainted
Of things that we don't know about?

They say that some lead and some follow
And that guidance is needed at least
But when leaders lie we all swallow
And digest the disposable dream

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