Cincocero – Cut Different
Genre Rap

Cut Different

Who the fuck is this nigga?
I’m your Father, your Mom just didn’t tell you

All my ex’s still subscribed to my YouTube channel
Had to leave them hoes alone they was hard to handle
I fuck with this flow
I ain’t got no hoes

When I’m fuckin’ babygirl you better close the door
I was at the Mall
Ooo I’m finna ball
Got the rock in the paint like Pau Gasol

They was sleepin’ on me when I first came out
Be in public every day they say my name now
They ask me “Did I miss school?” I’m like hell nah
I was in the classroom sayin’ fuck y’all

Got my first tattoo when I was 15
All my niggas ever did was evеr sold weed
No 9 to 5 so they had to get the cheesе
Brought my first taurus when I was 18

Needed sum else so I brought a red beam
I be strikin’ shit like its a bowling team
Hoes be doin dicks out here like they really fiends

I swear to God people really think they know me
My energy will get my girl horney
Ain’t gotta touch her cuz she already know me

My homie just got him a semi automatic
Bro be wakin’ shit, puttin’ bodies in a casket
Call of Duty thats a brand new blue tactic
No connection so niggas be out here laggin'

It be so much going on in my head
I can’t never sleep cuz I may end up dead
Stop tellin’ me what people do and what they said
Cause’ I can’t never relax & stay in my bed

I know who ridin’ with me
I know who dien’ for me
I know who lien’ to me
I know who really love me

Killin’ kids all the time, you must be pussy?
Talkin’ crazy on the net, you must be pussy?
You whoopin’ your kids?, you must be pussy?
Backdoorin’ your mans, you must be pussy?

When I get outta here I’m goin to the Zone
To much pain in me can you just leave me alone
I can preach on this beat all day long
Want a feature?
Then you better go get a loan

Spirits in my soul sayin’ I got death on me
If you know me?
I can’t never smoke the weed
I be in the basement thinkin’ what to say

Alotta demons in my head it’s complicated
Internet niggas really are fabricated
When I catch this nigga out here I'ma suffocate him
In school niggas really was scared of me
They graduate, now they really are hard to see

Niggas always wanna cap and yell shit
Till I beat his ass now his mouth is shut quick
When I see him on the book he wanna make a status
Cock back, blic-blac, he stiff like a cactus

Keep your gun off of safety when you walk in
If he has sauce and you don’t he not your friend
Soccer playin’ all the time, hit you in your shin
I be livin’ everyday and never know the end

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