CiJanai – Anthem
Genre Rap



You need to listen
To the realest bitch living
And all that good shit


Quick to Cut a nigga off, if he ain’t acting out
I love my niggas hood, VVS in they mouth
ATL slang, all my niggas from the south
6 figure nigga but he still eat at Waffle House
I ain’t signing, so don’t ask me who I’m signed to
You say that’s yo nigga, check him out, he prolly mine too
I’m on a different route, so know yo text I can’t respond too
He ain’t wanna talk but ask him now, I bet he want to
Ion wanna hear, it’s 50 racks up on my ear
We ain’t never fucking, I’m just maxing out so make it clear
Spend yo last 10 on me, you ain’t buying? Why you here?
Don’t ask me why I’m turning up, b*tch this my year
Where the finе niggas at? I wanna fuck sumn
If I’m gon shake this ass, it’s guaranteed you better throw sum
Just madе a 100k in a night, that’s a lump sum
In the studio, I told P Lemme pour sum
I just do my dance, I don’t dance tho
Pussy pretty, he calling it Van Gogh
Y’all don’t comprehend, like "yes, bitch, I am slow"
Y’all don’t know the half, I just show y’all what I can show, lil bitch
Im a rich nigga taker
Yea, I get around, I got niggas in Jamaica
Love bad bitches too, Latin girls in Bodegas
I got on all this ice but it didn’t come from Jacob
I’m from Atlanta but I don’t eat at the varsity
Dollar sign, my name, I be paying hoes to talk to me
Gotta be a 10, if you tryna come and walk with me
"Im still here" for these bitches claim they offing me
Bitch, you bet not speak ‘fore I really give yo ass the business
I could take yo nigga, do him right, prolly make you witness
I say what I wanna say, cause ik bitches never wit it
He gon tatt my name on his neck, so you know I did it
How you hang wit every bitch alive but you still broke?
All black diamonds on my chain, bitch i been woke
CiJanai the littest out, okay but I been tho
She pop all that shit online, but It never hit tho
If you gon diss me, hit hard bitch cause I hit home
Yea I set the bar, came back, shit was this low
Ian never steady, keep it moving like Calypso
All my niggas wildin in the back smoking Indo
My body is a drug, all these niggas turning junkies
Got these niggas waiting as if they could ever touch me
Hoes prolly hating cause my pockets getting chunky
And knowing them, it’s probably much deeper cause they ugly

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