Genre Rap

Pull Up

Feat. JAY

IntroMovie & JAY

Barbecue, huh?
How do you like your ribs?

Uh, it's JAY

Verse 1JAY

Reporting live from the battlefront
Crashed the scene, made em go beep now they’re backing up
Tell these kids put the toys away, pack it up
Smack em up and leave em rattled, never gave an actual fuck
Off chops like CAL and CHRONIC with no bowl to pass
Rappers say they run the tracks? Eat a dick, we bolting past
Nah cuz you can’t even fuck with my older bars
Wanna have a crack? Lights out like Holden cars
Safe to say CHRONIC and JAY got the flavour bro
If anybody steps out of line, I Bobby Boucher the hoes
Cooking bars like fine dining, CHRON the cook and JAY the host
We ain’t the same, I get the cake and go, you tryna save the hoes
Steez exquisite, don’t get high - I stay twisted
Got the flame with the fire fists, dawg I’m Ace with it
Your chick been wanting me, you wonder why she tastes different
She lost her mind from giving all that brain, your bae skitzing so I keep a safe distance
Yeah I be lane switching
Know these bars are dopamine cocaine twitching
Flow insane, blowing your brains on some Cobain business
Moving through the game under the codename Spitters, you dig it?
Check your facts before you talk
I don’t clap, I applaud unless you’re wack them you a bore
Backs against the wall cause I spit dope on wax and hit record
They heard Pablo, thought I had packs of raw
Remember when I got smacked in the jaw
Now I’m back cracking rappers all in all, you just fiend to rumble
If you dogs want me out then you’ll just need a shovel
OM Tao Poetz spew dope, I don’t need to hustle
Who needs weaker muscles when you’re deep in the jungle
Scene is a bundle of dumb dogs who, only seem to mumble
Sounds like you only eat through a funnel
But trust when I beam above you, best believe I’ll keep it humble

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