Genre Rap



They for real aren't ready, man
Like, tell em man, show em


I’m sitting in the shade
On a long adventure like a viking on a raid
Chompin down on a beat like a denture, like some fuckin tooth decay
THC buzzing round through my brain, surging through a powerline
Snorting dirty 'caine, doctor with the MD and the MA
P city underrated so I do it for my state
Ever since I saw Complete on da stage, call me a fiend for the fame
Sucking beugs, feeling hell spaced
I finish my lines like I’m runnin a racе
Jacks getting hungry so I’m runnin man
They can’t form case, no thеy fucking can’t
Remember when I was slicing my arm, can’t believe how far I've fuckin come
Beating up the beat like a drum, feeling calm when I cum on her tongue
Killing cunts dead cunt, I flow like a gun
Never talking shit, put a bible on my palm
Put that on my mum
So smashed I can’t feel my face
I think the shit is see through
Bars are wavy like a sea do
Never getting salty like the sea do
Really fucking lubly, can’t you see boo?
So blind I can’t see booze
Smashing on with any cunt, I can’t even see who


Fuck all you cunts, man
CHRONIC album, fuckin' Wigginit coming out soon man
Fuck all you cunts, bro
All these weak rappers think, like, think they're mad but i'm fuckin' underrated as fuck
Like what is this, bro?
Fuckin' over it man
Ti-this is my fuckin time, man
You fuckin take the piss out of me, who gives a fuck cunt?
I'll do this shit for me anyway bro
Fuck all you cunts

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