Genre Rap


Verse 1synapse

I’m still stuck inside the place I lost it
Keep a buck for good luck inside my denim pocket
Rock the boat rock the boat rock the boat and dock it
Catching smoke over some dope legacies in lockets
I ain’t ready yet to leave my home
Imma imma have to run it like it’s google chrome
Yeah step back to see the bigger picture
I be talking my shit when I’m feeling bitter
Yeah I ain’t never fuck with riches leisure
Yeah and I ain’t never fuck with bitches either
Money fashion power

Verse 2LY

Lights cameras flashes eyes
Neon colors pass me by
Lights cameras flashes eyes
Press down pedal by
In the mood for little conversation
Interior lookin’ like a spaceship
Look at you spaced out you ain’t say shit
Strange lil pill from my hand don’t take it
Don’t take it you might die
Don’t take it you might die
Pull up front
Hop out doors
Lights cameras flashes eyes

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