Chrizeecry – Stop Gender Based Violence
Genre Rap

Stop Gender Based Violence

Men Stop
Women Report!, Report!
First Attempt Report

Verse 1

Gender-based violence
Is it about the silence?
Our sisters getting sidelined, can't report they're problems
All they hope is for is Love & to find some Solace
Look! All Men Are The Cause It
Black boys are trouble
Black boys are hurt
Black Boys are sad
Black boys are weak, they tryna find courage
Black boys are smart, they just need guidance
Gе o ka betha ngwano otlo itshola san
Tlogelo kgatlha majita otlo goba san
Kaore magi' kе magi" otlo loser saka
Tlogelo kuka mafatlha for Cherryao ya paka


Psychologist dia tlhokega mo kasi jo
[Ya neh?
Majita ama baie ba nale bo di PTSD
[Wantshwara? we are going through alot

Verse 2

Covid 19 Man's at peak
Civil Society, Gotta Intervene
But The Government been failing ever since
The awareness is been all about the beer
Limited privacy, confinement increase stress &
Triggers anxiety
Unemployment rates skyrocketing
Some are working from home, eseng ko officing
Ene ko ntlung ba rasa kamo gaona zaka
O thoma lo kwata ebile o betha mpama
O oketsa mathata mola re swa byana..
Hae jo ska chuna dae deng e byana
That's not the way bro

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