Chris Patrick – Nights (Remix)
Genre Rap

Nights (Remix)

Can’t break my heart if it’s already broken
Can’t dry your eyes if they already soaking
What’s done is done and now we left with the blunt of our repercussions
Communication is dead there ain’t no need for discussions
I block yo gram soon as I can so i can’t see who you fuck with
These new adjustments hit my body with a clang
How we go from co-pilots to us jumping from the plane
Now we both gone show silence as we cover up our pains
How the growth was once vibrant now it hides beneath the blame
Is it me or is it you?
Lack accountability for all the things we do
Quickly making these decisions without niggas thinking through
Difference in the moves only show that we similar in our forms of healing
I like to drink away my woes, you like to force the feelings
Out ya body like you got exorcists here performing magic
We drive reckless with emotions so of course we crashing

But there ain’t no airbag to support our sadness
Plus we ain’t prepare with any form of action
Enough of passion
We passively get aggressive
We barely trust what we saying
We asking each other questions
You trying to go through my phone
I’m trying to get on your socials
We heating up more than ever
We finally getting vocal
You try telling me I’m wrong

And i hate accusations
I feel the patience in my body start evaporating
Evacuation of the scene might just be the best
Hesitation in my legs
My heart start beating through my chest
How our frequencies meet static, how these pieces don’t connect
We was pose to be them Twitter goals these dreams gon be suppressed

But i now it feel that love is fading
It don’t come around
Stuck out in the ocean
You gon watch me drown
Sluggish in my motions
When you let me down
This shit is getting ugly
Please don’t hit my line
Because you never loved me
Please don’t waste time
Cause you never trust me
Second chances dead
Cause you forever dub me

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