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All Right lyrics

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April 21, 2021

All Right lyrics

Huh (Yeah) a motherfuking friends (Ay-ay)
They want something that isn't there
Thanks for not having them (Ay-ay)
Huh (Yeah-yeah) i would like a same i’m (Ay-ay)
Nothing will break a mane (Ay-ay)

I grew up alone (Yeah-yeah)
So what
So what (Ay-ay)
No boredom, now I'm stabbed
Now I only need a guap (Yeah)
While others are crying, bitch, I live differently (Ah)
All I have on my mind is music and money
Все что ты украл я заберу себе обратно (Ah)
Увидив твои сумы я умножу троекратно (A-a)
Ты ещё не вырос, хочешь полный магазин (Oh-oh)
Ты видел мой стик он нацелен на твой wrist

Huh (Yeah) i'm not friendly, it’s better not to be friends with me (Ah-ah)
Huh (Yeah) fuck all these people better I'll go read
I need my drugs (Pull up) they're outside
The string cuts like a blade, i'm all right
Yeah bitch (Huh) i'm all right
Yeah, yeah lil' bitch i'm all right
No, I'm not greedy, but I’m afraid that I can jinx it (Yeah)
I had a lot of attempts but they ended up r.i.p
Yeah bitch i’m all right
Yeah, yeah lil' bitch i’m all right(Aw)
Chiscound – All Right

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