Chester Watson – Staring into Space
Genre Rap

Staring into Space

Feat. Psymun, J'Von

{Sample & J'Von
Staring into space
Yeah, uh
Staring into s-

Verse 1J'Von

Arrivederci [Arrivederci
Rollin' up the sleeves to my shirt
It seems they think they can hurt me [Think they can hurt me
They don't even deserve me, a King; greet me with curses [Yeah
Peace on Earth, he's so Earthy, wait [So Earthy, wait
I should say somethin' more meaningful [Somethin' more meaningful
But I was never 'posеd to be here
So I guеss his existence alone is meaningful [That's meaningful
Yeah, and shorty wanna leave
But I do everything right, and give her no reason to [Give her no, damn
Stay down when it's down, 'cause the down seasonal
Breezin' through, G checkin' his gene moves with ease
Like, disbelieve who? [Disbelieve who?
You couldn't drip me with Adam Sandler standin' in Scuba Steve's suit
Please move [Please move
Yeah, did the most with the most of the least too
So never should we believe that we needed you [No we don't, yeah
Never needed you
I had to repeat it too [Yeah

Verse 2Chester Watson

The great beyond, face to palms
I just need an eighth, I'm gone
Rest in peace, Metal Face, smoke straight to God
Chase with malt, just do it, hate to talk
All the commentary, take it with a grain of salt
Whenever Psy' send the beat, bet I'm takin' off
Whole team hella wavy, like my train of thought
Wake up, praise the cosmos, and grace the bong [Yeah, yeah
Staring into space, scared I was too hasty, was scared of losin' pace [Yeah
Run that back at J-Hop, now I'm thirty-thousand feet up
Bumpin' K-pop and Kendrick Lamar [Word
Chester Watson soul transition, sent from afar
Just a glimpse of the true, seeing glimpses of stars
Wax dips in the car, acid trips in the garden
Speakin' truly how I live off the art
Man, it's wavy how beautifully that my pen leave a mark
Seein' gem through the darkness [Yeah
And I want all my niggas to win, that's regardless [Facts
Lit in the star ship
Ask them can they bring the violins and the harps in [Uh
Whole lotta synths, lotta arps
Need a pond with a lot of Koi fish, lotta Carp in it [Yeah
Hit the wax pen, the car fill
Listenin' to DOOM, floatin' over Indian carpets


Staring into space
Staring into s-

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