Chase Noseworthy – Dine With The Puppetmaster
Genre Indie, Pop

Dine With The Puppetmaster

My wine
It tastes of blood, and ash, and all that I left behind
When I lost my mind
So blind was I
A fool to think that man would let me off easy
He sees me as a dog
A creature to be tamed and taught to kneel

Tonight I dine with the Puppetmaster and his Children
He took his mind
He took her eyes
And my heart
I played my part
The day that I changed my name
Was the day I quit this game

Here I am, so say it
What you brought me here to say

Call me paranoid
But give me a reason to trust a single word from your mouth
Cause I know who you are
And I think you do too
You're the reason we're scarred
You're the reason my life has been marred

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