Charlie Ray – Active Duty
Genre Rap

Active Duty


The U.S. is sending at least three-thousand soldiers to the middle-east as The Pentagon prepares for potential reaction from Iran

We made the right decision to take out this terrorist. He caused enormous death and destruction throughout the region. Killed hundreds of Americans over the years, but had done so in the past couple of days

This is bigger than Bin Laden, it's bigger than Baghdad

Everyone is going to lose if this continues

Verse 1C-Ray

Overseas, active-duty, here to serve my
Country and protect the freedom we believe
And know it's a sin but from the birds eye
It's for my kids protection, wonder will I get to see my seed
Again, I turn my kin to a penpal
While I'm ducking in the trenches, hugging I.E.Ds
Mounting this defensive, laying lead down
Freedom in the name of being all that I can be
I ain't saying I agree with what I'm into all the time, but this military's how I feed the fam
And damn I'm losing time and my friends too
Never think I won't get buried, cause indeed I can
On tour, no crowd, just the media
Loose cannons and news cameras negate the facts

I was wasted away from the big picture
You trynna make it safe in a place where the strays hit ya
But ignoring us is nothing but procedure, when all they give a fuck about's our leader


For President Trump, the start of the year will be largely consumed by the impeachment process as Democrats and Republicans try to end their stalemate over the Senate trial to come. In Washington a lot of moving pieces as the impeachment drama plays out there. Democrats are just thirty-two days away from the Iowa Caucuses

Nothing is clear about what both sides would look like stuck in a stalemate over the process

Verse 2C-Ray

At the house a nervous wreck and scared to lose my
Husband while he's off to keep our world free
Strong appearance for my daughter but I do cry
Cause any minute I could get the word he's

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