Chaos the kid – S&M
Genre Rap


Aiming for the top
Ain't shooting no hollows
Niggas like to talk
But they bitch love to swallow
Hit it one time then pass er my bros
Shorty on tweak if she think she my hoe
Only committed to the racks I touch
Nigga want smoke get sparked like a Dutch
Ain't playing no games
Known to not give a fuck
Im switching lanes [boy better keep up
Running ten miles and im not giving up
Till im on top then im throwing up [gang
In the storm it was only us
Ain't nobody else I can trust
Growing up it was picked or move
Usually dukes would choose her dudes
Kids was starving
Where's the food

Brief pause

Prolly why I don't know love
At night I cry I still hear doves
So much pain but it made mе tough
A little overcooked but still wеll done
Stick to the plan you'll be cashing funds
Stick to the plan and you will be the one
We gotta stick and move
Gotta stick and move
Have so much to prove
Ain't got nothing to lose
Plan to make it big
So I gotta stick and move

Niggas tried to count me out
They looking sick when I win in the end
Went from sleeping in broke down Honda
To touring Vegas with all my friends
Remember them long sleepless night
My demons like to fight
Got a daughter gotta do right
Being the man she need in her life
So busting my ass making sure she straight
Even put food on her mother's plate
Ain't got no time for niggas turned fake
No crocodile man ion play with snakes
Grinding hard till the day im great
Even when I am ion got time to play
Niggas is tramps can't fw no strays
If it ain't about money I can't relate

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