ChainedXCxrpse – Hoes Lie
Genre Rap

Hoes Lie


Cxrpse made this shit, bitch!

Verse 1

I'm sick of all these lies
You fuck with me I make you cry
I just wanna fucking die
I need me, myself and I
Tell me that you love me
Or just say you wanna break
Saying fucking lies
I just knew you were so fake
You fucking with my heart
And you fucking with my life
Watch the fuck out bitch
For this switchblade knife [shing!
Bitch you know I'm cute I steal your wife
C'est la vie mon ami, ha bitch that's fucking life
Who gon' try attack me in my fortress? [Yeah ay
Pussyboy, head gone, morbid [yeah ay
Pussy knew I was strong he aborted [yeah ay
If we gotta problеm pussy, bitch we will not sort it

Verse 2

Lies Lies Liеs
All I hear is fucking lies
I don't wanna talk no more
You broke my heart
Atmosphere so rough
It should cut you like a knife
I'm gonna go insane
Bitch don't you dare start this strife
If you spot me in the night, ha!
Bitch you better pray
Bitch you better pray
Or I'll fucking demon slay [slayer!
I swear to god these hoes
Please they just getting faker
Bros before hoes but you know
I ain't no hater [BITCH!]

Verse 3

Bitch you know I ain't no hater
These hoes just getting faker
I don't wanna talk no more
It's all you bitch
They tell me find another girl
Bitch don't you understand?
All these girls are just the same
When will you comprehend?
This hoe typed a hate message
She typed it and hit send
I'm gonna lose my mind
Better run your life at end [Ay!
You got 9 racks? Bitch I got 10
I go shopping and buy some Fend
Signing deals hand me the pen
I steal his bitch and told her bend
All of these hoes just be going cray
Just forgets my birthday
Bitch my b-day is on May
That nigga talkin' fucking shit?
Tell me what he fucking say
Pull up to his spot
Shoot the gun
He hit the hay
Hate hate hate
All I get is fucking hate
You don't stand a chance
So just accept your fate
Shorty said I'm cute
Take her on a fucking date
Take her back home
And I shut the fucking gates [AY!]

Verse 4

Shoot the fucking strap
And I make those fuckers run
Niggas scared of me ha!
I love it when they run
Bitch I'm from hell, and also the sun
To me, killing is just for the fun [YEAH!
That nigga fucking in my life
So you know I had to pop him
Make a slam dunk and the ball ain't hit the rim
You fucking with a girl? Ha! You a fucking simp
I'm making stacks bitch I'm a pimp [Hustle]

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