Central Park Cast – Awfully Beautiful
Genre Pop

Awfully Beautiful

Feat. Josh Gad


Drink in that nature
*Spits, coughs*
Not cool nature!
That's awful!
A ladybug so beautiful
I guess nature is awful and beautiful!

Birdie, sung

Nature in New York City
All of its beauty, all of its quirks
See it blossom
Looking all blossomy and nice
Then it dies and rots and stinks
But from that muck, voilà, new life


It's awfully beautiful
This mantis mom and dad
Made a cute baby
Then mom ate the dad?
Ugh, I steeped in poo
But wait!

From that poo springs something new
And even though it's on my show
Who cares? It helps the flowers bloom


It's awfully beautiful
That even though I'm treading crap around
I'm helping things grown in the ground
It's awfully beautiful
And only jerks will mind
That I smell like a behind

And baby bird sees mom fly
Towards their little nеst-y house
And mom greets then with her sweetеst tweet
Then barfs into their mouths
Isn't it awfully beautiful
Awfully beautiful

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