Cashleaders – Mercedez
Genre R&B, Rap


Feat. Mediumjay


Mothafuckaz must think I'm crazy
Tryna make a stripper my lady
Gave me head once still claim it's my baby
What you do? Fuck it still bought that hoe a Mercedes

IntroMitchy Moo

I'm in love

Verse 1Mitchy Moo

I won't do you like some homework
I won't do you like I should
I'll stay in all these phone books
In case you wanna look
Me up, we get brunch maybe fuck
Or maybe fall in love we nuts
You was stripping at teasers
Your pitbull tried to eat me
Your head game kiwi
You sucked my dick and leave
I feel kind of dirty for that
You're a hoe and we know you get dirty like that
But gaddam first fine bitch I fuckеd
Can't help a brother fall in love
I don't еven know if I can say brother like that
I'm pretty white like... like Lance
Like people named Lance are all white
Eerrr, I'm getting off track

HookMitchy Moo

That ass is so gaddam big
Ya flirting, I'm nervous that you want me
Mercedez, I'll buy ya one, I'll buy ya some
Come here let me love ya, let me fuck ya
Pussy's a bathtub I'm a scuba dub ya

Verse 2Mitchy Moo

What the fuck
Ya did me wrong
That body bomb
My explosions took two seconds
Yeah, ya suck me good
Suck a soft ball through a straw
Ya jaw game could, you should add me on Facebook
My favourite quote from you is oh
Please cum on my asshole
I feel in love right there
It's not fair, you like getting spanked and pulled hair
And I care about you feelings
How you feeling
Baby what you dealing with
You was strippin' and your heel broke shit
I'll fix it, buy you a new one I'll get it
I ain't even worried what your friends did
I just wanna make you happy
Hear my balls slap against ya ass cheeks
While ya screaming daddy
Goddam please


Verse 3Mitchy Moo

I love ya girl, when ya humping girls
You my pearl while you show the world
Yo titties, little hershey kiss nips
You pretty, you pretty, you pretty fly
And I wonder why
You would leave me, leave me
For some other guy
We were dating, actually
It was like 5 days and you gave me head
And I waited I don't know
Your so fine I'd propose
I'd hide ya clothes I'd fuck you up and down my pole
Tell me where my fat dick goes
Talkin' dirty till I, till I cap a load
Yes you love it though
Choke choke and slap a hoe
Make her take it and she make me last no more
In like three to four minutes
And, and then I start crying
That's like so emotional
Like two spirits bonded together to be one

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