Carter Ward – Nova Scotia
Genre Pop

Nova Scotia

Baby, you've got eyes
Like supernova fireflies
When you walk on by
My head falls off
And children start to cry
I checked my mailbox
A letter came with my
Name still raw
At the supermarket
You're the cashier
But the lines too long
For me
Too long
For me

Coca-cola kisses
On your lips
formula with every sip
When you talk, you spit
But baby, I don't
Even trip
And I would rather
Eat my dick
Than sing this song
You piece of shit
But babe, I love you
More than sophomore's love
Their bathroom juul rips
And baby, I'm so tired
Of your face
In my brain
Flaming trashcans
In my heart begin
To sing
When you're with me

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