Captain Vampire – Harpers Ferry
Genre Pop

Harpers Ferry

It's been a difficult October
It's unseasonably hot
We packed into the farmhouse
Like lobsters in a pot

The warrant came down yesterday
They'll be looking for me soon
It's a good night for an end
Almost no light from the moon

So now we wait
The plan is set
Feel the wind over the river while my hands begin to sweat
Try to get some rest
Pull my cart by my chest
In a Pennsylvania mine shaft, he called it suicide
When he realized I was serious Fredericks swore we'd all die
But with the emperor beside me kings and queens and rooks will quake
And more will follow after when they feel the foundations shake

The morning is quiet
The sparrows think
There are times when the dead can speak louder than the living
And when we attack
Either way we aren't going back


I close my eyes and it is sunset in Ohio
Through the trees I hear my mother sing
She tells me to be strong
Then the weight of decades crashes down again
And I fear I'm near the end of things

Maybe it won't be long
First we rise like the water
We may break upon the shore
But more of us are coming
And more
And more
And more and
Great constellations
Shine your light on me
God is coming to Virginia
All will be free

Throw open the door
We don't need secrets anymore

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