Can Only – Various Artists
Genre Edm, Pop

Can Only

Verse 1

Birds fly
Could I?
Should I try?
Long spree, could you breathe with me?
If only I could swim
Float away [away
I would be okay [okay
You say okay
Take me away


Verse 2

All the thoughts that I know become invisible
My thoughts write themselves
Ignorin' words that I thought from the side
I didn't know the words were in my heart
Float away [away
Come this wa-a-a-ay [wa-a-a-ay
You're oka-a-a-ay [oka-a-a-ay
Birds fly up in the trees [up in the trees
I think can only [can only
Come with me


[Can only
[Can only
[Can only
[Can only
[Can only
[Can only]

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