Cam Cole – Drained
Genre Rock


I'm so drained
From this inner narration
With these inner opinions
About everything around me

I'm so drained
I want now or nothingness
I just want an emptiness
I want peace and harmony

I no more will identify my thoughts
They are separate from this source
There is freedom within me
Yes I claim this body and this name
To me it shall remain as one united
No more shame
No more anxiety
No more thinking violently
I pursue salvation

I am done
I don't need an opinion
I am more than arguments
And bad vibrations

Break this chain
Break this torment off from me
You are banished I am free
I am liberation

And this dream
And this character I've been
True self shall be revealed
As I awaken

I can't let this to go on
I can't let this cause
This feeling inside me
Just keeps manifesting
My mind has been fighting
My mind has been wrestling
Yeah I'm done
I can't let this to go on no no no

I can't let this cause
This voice is inside me
Just keeps on talking
Cravings and versions
The endless wanting
Yeah I am done
Be gone from us all

I'm so drained
Had enough of feeling stressed
I want my mind to come to rest
I want inner clarity

I want space
No more conflict I want peace
I want silence within me
I want serenity

There is love
There is sunshine from above
There is truth in everyone
We all shine brightly
Come forth change
Take unhappiness away
Only heaven shall remain
And the light that guides me

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