CallMeEvan – Save Me
Genre Indonesia, Rap

Save Me

Feat. Firda Shafa

Verse 1:
Here I am,wanna play my friend?
Are you afraid my friend?
Don’t you be afraid,I just wanna play
Until the goddamn story end
Come close to me,let’s walk with me
Wait.. but for real can you help me?
I can tell there is no one understand me
Goddamn, Am I fuckin’ lonely?
Huh? You alone?
Yeah.. I kinda feel alone,I’m so sick of being alone
No one call you on the phone?
Nah.. they’re forget about me
I mean like really forget about me
Yeah I feel I kinda like it,suicidal thought,now you can make it!
Yea..yeah.. I guess you were right,all this pain coming in the night
I’ve tried to fight,I can’t find a light
Suicide? can I make it,right?
I’m pressed with time,I’m stressed with life
It’s like I’m feeling dead inside,I’m so sick of pretend that I’m fine
I just lose my goddamn mind!

Bridge :
I’m looking for something but there is just nothing
And I can’t feel anything,depression has just begun

Chorus :
I’m running away from my self and I don’t know
What the hell is wrong with my life?
And I never feeling that I’m okay
Hey.. Save Me!

Verse 2 :
Where’s my friends?
Are they just fake friends? Can y’all understand?
“Screaming Of Angel” I do anything for everything as the best I can!
Listen to me,understand me,I’m talkin’ about “Last Story”!
I can tell everyone still doesn’t like me
Goddamn,I’m still fuckin’ lonely!
Huh? You wanna die?
Yeah.. I kinda wanna die,I’m so sick of tellin’ lies
Remember when your twin died?’s really got me fucked up
I mean like so deathly got me fucked up!
The voices in my head’s get loud
And telling me that can’t move out
Yea..yeah.. I think it sucks though
All this pain make you rapping bro
Back to this flow,this is awesome bro
This music you can make it bro
You’re pressed with time,you’re stressed with life
It’s like you’re feeling dead inside
So sick of pretend that you’re fine?
Tell ‘em you lost your goddamn mind!

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