Cali Yungin – Free$tyle
Genre Rap


Brian On the Phone "Gotta Say Fuck Em Man"

Gonna Hit a lick, got a .40 in my pants, going on a rant, we got guns in the trap i'm the man. we got guns like the Army. Got a Glock, .45. We trippin off the Molly, swear to god we got bitches and they trickin off the Xans, yeah she dancing on the dick like i was just her man. Fuck a case, fuck a race, i just got up and i ran. I'm tryna be the biggest but they don't understand

I got a fuckin homie and his name is Brian, every single time he come around they be lying, he just on the come up and thеse bitches be crying, namе so big it might cause a riot. Yea, they wanna kill me but i got the meds, fuck all the money all i need is my bed, we goin 2022 not 2017, hop up on the scene, yea we gotta keep it clean so the feds don't find shit, yea we fuck it up. Runnin around yea we on the same note, every single rhyme that i spit its on a steep slope. yeah its time to go. Every single gun that i tote, there's a reason why i keep a macc, then i blow these, these faggots tryna rap cuz they just tryna show, they're rhymes all slow and they music just blow. Gotta run around yea i gotta get my fuck'n dough. So they can get all these bitches and blow? So they can smoke all my weed and then show? YEA I TOLD HIM PULL UP HE A NO SHOW BITCH

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