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I really regret for the shit I did and said in the past. I realize I need to change and need to be great so I can make my people proud of me for what I did. God is standing by my side right now. He's watching over me. I'ma pour my heart out on this one. And I'ma let the truth be told

Verse 1

To my friend Shyanne
Sorry for callin' out yo' name
Should've never hold yo' hand
Put respect on yo' name
Stopped bein' friends for a while
'Cause we turned into enemies
Friends and enemies
Turned frenemies
Me and my friend Jazzie Mae, we still cool 'till this day
Me and my best friend Savage Tee, we cool 'till this day
My frenemy Ash Renee, she got my best friend in trouble
Me and her keep bumpin' heads, she caused a lot of trouble

Remember one time me and Mackenna used to bump heads
We used to be enemies to each other, we kept bumpin' heads
Micaela and Korrine block me for no reason
What's the deal is?
Hatin' on a real nigga for no reason
'Cuz I'm the realist


I can't take it no more
I apologize for the things I've done
Mackenna, I'm sorry for the shit I said about you
I take it all back, can you forgive me?
I have a crush on Madi, don't have no crush on Ava
I wish that I could take it back, but it ain't gon' last forever
I guess one day we'll start datin' in the future, no disrespect
I miss all my friends, I swear to God, I'm never a threat

Verse 2

Don't never ever let a fake nigga belittle you
Don't never ever let a hater tryna gaslight you
I remember one time Kiley got an attitude with me
I was in my feelings one time, but it ain't workin' on me
Me, Tara, 'Kenna, we used to be enemies to one another
Turned against the girls, tryna impress the guys, flex on each other
Now, I realized the guys aren't my real friends
Manipulators, gaslighters, sexualizers, they ain't my coolest friends

My best friend Sarah almost got into it on the bus
I was in 10th grade that time, she was petty on my bus
My other friend Sarah Martin, she fussed out my former teacher
I was mad at her and feel bad at the same time, that wasn't fair

I used to have a crush on Olivia since 9th grade
But, now, she in a relationship with someone, ain't no fair trade
Lauren and me, we're best friends, 11 years ago
Me and Micaela have our differences
Started being friends, 10 months ago

I accused her of lyin', I told I was sorry
Ava is like a girl best friend to me
She's been beautiful to me
She always have loyalty
I also have loyalty

Positivity comes with greatness
'Till the day comes, we all make mistakes, everything exists
Bright future ahead of me, me and my friends went our separate ways
Reminisce on all the good and bad times, I remember everyday


Still waitin', I'm still waitin'
Bein' patient, still bein' patient
Still waitin', I'm still waitin'
Bein' patient, still bein' patient
Still waitin', I'm still waitin'
Bein' patient, still bein' patient
Still waitin', I'm still waitin'
Bein' patient, still bein' patient

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