CAC – One Last Time
Genre Rap

One Last Time

[Verse 1
They say that time promises a good life
But I don’t understand that cause you said goodbye
And I’ve been feeling so lost in my mind
Cause I’ve been in the hills counting all these bills and I don’t know where to go cause I’ve been losing hope
Every step I show upon the way it opens up to a greater day
I’m sorry if I’m late I’m making these songs
Going away fading the pain
Trying lose myself in the music
Cause deep down I don’t wanna use it
Easing but bitch you be teasing me
Like we playing a game
So you run In shame
I’m not thе same
I’m a different breed
Shocking thе wave
Looking away into the distance
Someday I wish me and you could fade out of existence
Hold my hand and squeeze it tight
Cause I might not be back tonight

[Verse 2
Trust me when I say I love you I meant it from the start
I didn’t want to lose you but now we just falling apart
And I’m picking up the pieces and glueing them back
It’s just a mess I wish I could fix
Looking at the clock and it’s quarter to six
And what I’m doing it’s not amusing
It’s all my pain on a page wrote away
So I guess we gotta say goodbye one last time

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