C-Mob – Y'all KNow

Y'all KNow

IntroBootleg [Dayton Family

What's up C-Mob
Dayton Family talk all motherfucking day nigga
Marion, Indiana
Flint Michigan
But at the end of the motherfucking day there's one thing I want y'all to know

HookDayton Family] [x4
Y'all niggas know not to fuck with us [x3
Y'all niggas know [x2]

[Verse 1Bootleg [Dayton Family

I wish a nigga would [would
Step on my new Lebron [who?
James tennis shoes
Bitch I'mma act a fool [act a fool
Cause I'm a silly nigga [uh huh
Hoe I don't give a fuck [fuckk
I transform F-150 to a Mack truck
Bootleg I've been a boss [boss
Hey bitch I'm boss official [uh-huh
This ain't a pistol in my pocket it's a fucking missile [5-4-3-2
Hoe I'm a Dayton dude [Dayton dude
Fresh off the Dayton air [Dayton air
On air trans with my man, kilo's in the bag

HookDayton Family] [x4
Y'all niggas know not to fuck with us [x3
Y'all niggas know [x2]

[Verse 2Backstabba [Dayton Family

Hey bitch you know my name [who?
Yeah, it's the pussy grabber [uh
Any bitch I want [what
Best believe I can have her [have her
I'm a pimp nigga
Y'all rеmember me [mе
Same nigga got indicted back in '93 [okay
Now I'm back again
I got my chips up [woo
Dayton family for life bitches shut the fuck up
I'm from the old school [school
I set all rule [rule
Eighth in the [safe-line?] at my place that shit is all new

Verse 3C-Mob

C-Mob the repo man
I make these people scram
Try to see me face-to-face I beat ya till I catch a case because I got them lethal hands
Everlasting money mission
Never-ending grind and hustle
If you didn't know then you better learn now, don't fuck with my mind or muscle
Gotta keep my pockets burly
So I'm waking up grinding early
To the night we through giving the money your a end up in the ICU with Hurly or Mary and Jen roll
Death is on the menu
Fuck with me I beat you senseless
When we are through, then we'll take you to the ER room, after that to the dentist
So you better guard your grill
Make sure you come correctly
Fuck dealing with a middle man, look me in the eye we'll do business directly
And I keep the heater at all times
You don't really want the Glock that is cocked and tucked to bust
C-Mob, T-Rock, and the Dayton Family now y'all know not to fuck with us

HookDayton Family] [x4
Y'all niggas know not to fuck with us [x3
Y'all niggas know [x2]

[Verse 4T-Rock

Mr. 420 himself
You heard me
Y'all ready
Let go
It's nothing to a boss
My folks get murked and wasted
I dropped the top and flossed em in the game like [Gerwyn Davis?
My crib is wide and spacious
Fish tank like an oasis
I'm smoking Cuban going places, blowing racks in Vegas
Big baby I'm Young Davy
I place that fire flame
I drink on top shelf floss and ball out on a higher plain
Y'all niggas know not to fuck with us
Sipping Rosé with my lip in the ganja
Pocket full of money, closet full of linen and a mental full of pimping That's a rip on the runway

Verse 5Shoestring [Dayton Family

We pulling up in buses
Rolling up nothing but duchess
Su-wu and pack if we ain't pimps then why them bitches love us [they do
Sixteen and we will store [ we run
Driving in them brand new cars [cars
Dressed to impress, better act so bitch I dress in Gucci drawers [stay fresh
Shoestring he just too cold [so cold
I feel just like a freezer
Not Dick Chaney but I'm bought my money like my name was Caesar
I'm bout November cash
I'm bout a temple flash
But if you fuck with me then I'll be bout nothing but about that glass
Creep up just like a mask
Pop blocks I'm just too fast
I'm baking cookies, shaking rookies like my name was Nash
That's just the pro in me [in me
Shoestring that's who I be [ I be
Still G I never flee
Tell who you from to see
[Hook: Dayton Family] [x4
Y'all niggas know not to fuck with us [x3
Y'all niggas know [x2]

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