C.J. Cherryh – Lullaby
Genre Pop


Sit down, my son, sit here by my side
And drink a small cup here with me
Here in the dimming light and the chill
I welcome your company

Mother, dear mother, why sit in the dark
With machines and the night all alone?
Downship is better, it's warm and it's bright
And I miss you and you should come home

Oh, turn, son, and look, turn your face to the stars
And tell me the thing that you see
Look out ahead and look truth in the face
And tell me what that thing would be
A great hole in space—I don't like it here
Come away, oh, please come away
There's only machines and the cold and the dark
Please don't ask me to stay

Oh, son, my dear son, there once was a world
An old world of silver-blue sky
We set out from there, a lone sublight probe
McCullen and Johnny and I

But mother, dear mother, I don't know these things
The words make no sense to me
What's sky and what's world? There's upship and down
And inside and hullside and gee

No, son, there once was a world not the ship
With a moon to lessen her night
We slept out our trip, at nine-tenths of cee
And waked for the end of our flight

Oh, mama, they're gone, Mac and Johnny are dead
And we marked them all out of the book
It's cold and I'm scared, it's like falling away
Mama I don't like to look

We slept out our flight and waked then to find
Our waking was years overdue
We had burned all our fuel, and beyond nine-tenths of light
There was nothing for us to do
Oh, mama, dear mama I don't want to fall
Don't talk of this thing in my sight
Oh, come away now, come back downship with me
And come out from this cold awful night

Oh, we're falling indeed, you're quite right, my son
From before your life was begun
Forever we fall toward universe end
And our journey will never be done

It's illusion, mama, you've been here too long
We're not really moving at all
Oh, turn out the stars and seal up this place
Come downship and into the hall

Forever, my son, for time goes so slow
For ships at the threshold of cee
That the race of mankind could ascend from the clay
In the time that you've lived here with me

Mother, oh, mother, it's driven you mad
There's no sense in the words that you say
I've drunk up my cup, now finish your own
Come, turn out the stars and away

Mac and Johnny are gone, son, the power ebbs down
Recycling held us a while
We had us a son, we taught him to live
Forgive us and give me a smile
Mother, I'm sleepy, oh, mother, what's wrong?
What nonsense is this that you say?
The hole is so dark and so deep and so black
Oh, turn out the stars, come away

Oh, sleep now, my son, the starbow's so bright
And the dark so friendly and deep
Last child of mankind, before the ship dies
My son, I will sing you to sleep

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