By the Time I Get to Phoenix – Solomon Burke
Genre Pop

By the Time I Get to Phoenix

By the time I get to Phoenix, she'll be rising
She will find a note that
I slipped under the door
Yes, she will
And she will laugh as she reads the part
That says I'm leaving her this time for good
For sure
You see I've left that girl so many times before
Yes, I did

By the time I make Albuquerque
I know she'll work in

And she'll probably stop about at noon
And try to give me a call
I'd tell she'd just find my old telephone
Just ringing, ringing, that's all

By the timе my way bus makes Oklahoma
She'll be sleeping
Shе'll turn over softly and call my name
And she'll cry alone to think
This time he's leaving me for sure, for good
For real this time, it's true
This time again I tell so
Good thing about it
I do hesitate when I walked out the door
Didn't mean to look back
'Cause I knew this time I'd leave for sure
I gotta keep on moving
Like I never moved before
Gotta find somebody new and true
Never return, no...

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