GTF OFFICIAL – Butterfly
Genre Rap


Verse 1synapse

Boys can’t keep up with
I’m like we shall spin it
I’m like Dolph here spinning
I’m no dog that sniffed his
I’m like Taylor swift is
I’m so focused this is
Chromatic in this bitch
Get me alive ay
Live til you recognize faces
Really don’t talk cause I’m care free
Ring the alarm play dressed like Beyonce
Hanging round actors dancing like shadows
Passing em backwoods hoodie and a crop shirt
Back on them backwoods still got a password
Put me on the blueprint always a student
Always fluent doing it for doing it for doing it for

Verse 2LY

Stuck in a void can’t get out
I wanna rip my head out
Don’t like me then get out
Fuck this shit Imma head out
I’m not one to play with
Look at how you hang with it
Look at how uh
Bitch why you so sus about it
Shouldn’t give a fuck about it
Shouldn’t givе a huh
I’m on my Hawking shit
Without that walking shit
You still talking bitch huh

ChorusN8 DAWGG

Like a butterfly bitch we going rеal high
Yeah we going real high yeah we going real high
Like a butterfly bitch we gone feel fly
Yeah we gonna feel fly yeah we feeling so fly
Like a butterfly bitch we feeling real right
Yeah we feeling real right man you feeling real right
Like a butterfly bitch we going to the sky
Yeah we going to the sky right back into the sky


Run it run it run it

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