Buried Alive – Aeternitas
Genre Rock

Buried Alive

Silence, haunting silence
That surrounds me
That surrounds my mind

Darkness, dreary darkness
That pervades me
That pervades my head

Can you forgive me for what I have done?
Don’t you see clearly what I have become?

I’m buried alive, my mind is clear!
I’m buried alive, where is salvation?
I’m buried alive, the end is near!
I’m buried alive, in isolation!

Buried alive!

Crying, endless crying
That degrades mе
That degrades my way

Freedom, stolen freedom
That dеprives me
That deprives my life
Don’t try to stop me – accept your own fate!
Crying for mercy is really too late!

So much worse than all the darkness surrounding me
Is the darkness in the heart!

Buried alive!

I’m buried alive, I will revive!
I’m buried alive, I will betray you?
I’m buried alive, I will survive!
I’m buried alive, just to repay you!

Buried alive!

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