Bummercore II (feat. Ashyy & Eagle Owl) – MaximOhm
Genre Pop

Bummercore II (feat. Ashyy & Eagle Owl)

Intro - Maximo + Beero Gang

Beero [x16
Calling out all Kingdom Leaks cunts
You thought you heard the last of us
MaximOhm back with that piss and shit
Bummercore 2 boutta get LEGIT

Verse 1 - Maximo & Ohm

Declan you fucking cum thief
Sucking out Ed’s massive queef

Verse 2 - Maximo & Ohm

Reading your opinion's like pissing in the wind
Hey neebnoob
Shut the fuck up I motherfucking love you

Verse 3 - Maximo & Ohm

Hey Dekinho how did you get so fucking ripped?
Do you live in a gym? Can you suck my motherfucking dick?

Verse 4 - Maximo & Ohm

RockinXander please respond
If you acknowledge me you can fuck my mom

Verse 5 - Maximo & Ohm

Fuck Twelve Bluewall suck on my dick
Big man Ash lives in a skip
Oh yeah and Joseph's a commie bitch
But it's 2020 we're cool with that shit

Verse 6 - Eagle Owl

BlueWall you're a who wall
Don't beliеve opinions y'all
Argue all you want
Is this what I want!

Dancing Dust, more likе Slashing Rust
Automata, you believe Hanukkah
Desk probably lives out west

Is this beat on track
Is this flow on track
Is this song on track

Let this new track be the judge
But let me sing for you

Verse 7 - Maximo & Ohm

LK and EVIL sitting in a tree
First comes cum, then comes marriage
Then comes 12 in a baby carriage

Verse 8 - Maximo

Timmythicc can suck my motherfucking dick
Try to call Summers a bitch
Probably laugh at Pickle Rick
Get the fuck out, and go hang out with BRDSX

Pre-breakdown - Maximo & Ohm

Shoutout to the kpog chat
Ian and Axel what the fuck is good fam
Everyone knows the Boston Red Sox suck
And Luky is still a fucking cuck

K-Pop Dance Break

Breakdown - Ashyy & Maximo

You say Scarlxrd goes harder, get outta here bro
I'd rather listen to I, The Machine doe
Dora is a right wing cunt
So go suck Hitler's dick you fuck

Breakdown 2 - Eagle Owl

Eagle Owl you know im back on the track
Step on my wings and I’ll break your back
Management says that your opinions are wack
Taking Winnipeg by storm and that’s a fact

You keep waiting for the sky to fall
I spit rhythms like a perfect storm
Look up in the sky I'm a lion I soar
That's the new beat you've been waiting for, uh

Outro - Maximo & Ohm

[하나 둘 셋
Bummercore 2 wishes you well
2020's been a bitch
I'll see you in hell

Cum spider

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