Bryson Tiller – Untitled 4*
Genre R&B

Untitled 4*




That's right
I'ma be okay, they be like, do the tasks right
Don't make no mistakes
They negated what I sacrificed
Think I live a flashy life but really, life is flashing by

Verse 1

22 gon' get it now, 27 hold it down
I got several homies now but still I keep my bro around
Crazy we both older now, older now
Plus I know they count on us to
This world has grown colder
I swear they never get the cold shoulder drippin'
Should I flip it over, skim, wishin' I could live it over
But you wiser when you getting old
Normally I'm but just for this
I might try to let them in for a different song but


That's right
We gon' bе okay, you know I'm gon' do that task right
I'm gon' make mistakes
But don't you what I sacrifice
Think I livе a flashy life but I ain't never had this life

Verse 2

And I'm talkin' about this rapper life
flashing lights and cashin' 'em flights
crazy right
But if I gave this life to who I was
On god, I would hate my life
Jesus take my life
Bitch I made it to the grave
Look son, don't be afraid of the heights and don't take prayer light
Keep me close, watch me change your life
Baby go take a risk, maybe that'll make the whole situation flip
That's true but even if things don't end up cool
At least I know I


Sincerely, um

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