BRUH! lyrics
(ft. Spxke Spxgel)



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December 21, 2019

BRUH! lyrics
(ft. Spxke Spxgel)

(Beginning Vocals)

Hell Yeah
I'm in hell yeah (x3)

Bruh (x16)

(Hak Verse)
Bro where my car
Bro where my weed
Keep all these hoes
Away from me

You ever seen
Vision of death
Before your eyes
Niggas be lying

Don't be surprised
This shit ain't safe
Is it for you
I can't relate

Open my eyes
I'm in a wreck
I was so high
Death had denied

I was going way over tenth speed uh
Having flashbacks of my homies yuh
BPD might come and take me uh
Suicidal thoughts every day b uh

Bitch I told my mama I was sleepy
Boi how you gon lie about a car crash
Tryna keep bad luck offa my ass
Now I'm in this mother fuckin tow truck like

Bruh (x16)

(SPXKE Verse)

I'm watch the world as it turns
Crumbles and burns
Getting the urge
Fuck the president I'm starting a purge

Taking his ashes and piss in the urn
Twisting my words but don't get it twisted
With these wicked lyrics I'm spitting a curse
Ripping the verse but don't fucking test me

If you wanna box then I'll give you a hearse
Enough of depression
And fuck being equal
Systematic racism still killing our people

They want us to work but can't fight for our freedom
Feeding us with poison the toxin is lethal
Tell us to hope when they killing our teachers
Where do we go when we got no more leaders

We don't feel safe so we grabbing our heaters
Next thing you know it's our face on a t shirt

All in the streets
Screaming fuck the police, if we can't have our peace
Then we kill with our pieces, a struggle to eat and fight just to breathe
Giving us pills , lock us up for some weed

Look on the TV and what do you see
The left and the right tryna put you to sleep
My fire is burning I'm coming with heat
Bitch this ain't a punchline I got TNT

The haters keep trying they swing and they miss
I don't got time for a fake ass friend
I been exploring the jungle and I saw a snake
I cut his head off when he hissed

Cause I don't animals show disrespect
If this bitch pulls up then I'm hurting his neck
If you come at me then you best come correct
Hate all you want this is cause and effect

Bruh (x16)



Yo foreal it's really not all that deep
Fuck it
Aye Spike pass me that blunt bruh

(HAK7M Verse)

Bitch I'm a nigga, I do want I want
Smoke me a pound ash that shit on your sister
Ride around town in that old school toyota
Carrying baggage from all of my demons

I got hotel waiting in hell
Boy you ain't hard that's a story you tell
You ain't no wolf I can tell from the smell
Howl long yo ass really dressed like the herd

Riding round Cedar Grove I'm having visions
I avoid all of these fugazi niggas
Leave me alone, I ain't part of your system
Handcuffs and chains feeling like 1800s

In the back seat and I'm bumping stankonia
Coroner corona that be the motive
Bullet holes all in the stained glass that's home and
Hak in his bank I don't snitch if?

My heart do not beat way, No sauce I just need my steak
A1 on my fucking timbs, Mum Ra I don't fuck with puss
My life full of parallels, circus it's a carousel
Off boat nigga you don't sail

Ain't a coalition, out my face
Coffin story rather rest my case
Ain't around don't address my name
These boys is not built the same

Any answer, I don't relate
Suck a dick, stop all dat complaining
Girl you sure like to play da plaintiff
Be the one holding on the gavel

You like it now, you just like the sound
I don't like breathing round these rap niggas
I just hold it in till I ain't round ya'll
I'm a fuck boy, I'm a god boy, you a bitch boy with a
I don't like yo ass that ain't
She ain't tryna fuck ain't no

Seen Olympus Rise and then fall cause a snake nigga I do not appreciate
Nigga you emulate
Pack in the mail that's a dinner date
No shaking hands no negotiate

Clapping some hands but no pistols mayne
Heard an applause on my street today
Niggas act hard but they run away
Dress you for death like runway

America's Top Model on a shirt
I don't think this shit can get much worse


I know I'm lost
But that ain't me
I know I'm far
From what I choose to be

I'm in hell nigga hell yeah
Nigga hell yeah (x8)

Hak7m Faraji. – BRUH! (ft. Spxke Spxgel)

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