BrowniE – But that's ok, I'm ok! (Prod. nategoyard)
Genre Rap

But that's ok, I'm ok! (Prod. nategoyard)

I don't fuck with no faggots bitch
You talking loud, youse a snitch
I fucked your girl, I fucked your bitch
She hasn't told you, she no snitch
She loves my balls and loves my dick
I didn't cum, so it was shit
Ok, that's a lie, l love her thighs
I love her hair with the pink hair dye
That shit be making me crazy
But I think it's the drugs I've been taking lately
Black cocaine snorting
Bitch I be trainspotting
The joint don't help no more
I'll shoot up and lay on my floor
Next to my bed
Depression I have
I think that I'm dead
Regret what I said
Lost 3 niggas in 2020
All together I've lost quite plenty
So far 8
Not ok
Imma keep it real with you, imma keep it straight
I'm always thinking about suicide
It's simply just do it thеn die
I already fuck up 2 times
Whеn people ask how I am I try my best to say that I am fine
Need to pick the bottle back up
Rush my death I quickly speedup
Fuck my health
Fuck my thinking
Depression is what I'm sinking
Into deep
I can't sleep
The faces of my dead niggas scare me
It's scary
No ones here to help me
But that's ok
I'm ok
I'll just O.D and fly away
To a better place
Is it heaven or is it hell?
It's 6 feet deep
Where I will sleep
For the rest of my days
Where I will lay
No one will visit my fucking grave
But that's ok
I'm ok
I don't belive in god but I still pray
For all my niggas and all mates
I hope all of them are good and safe
The world is a scary place
But I hope they all have faith
In themselves
Get some help, please
You looking sad in your selfies
You're very cute
June 22
When I told you
But the messages stopped coming
Man I should really stop loving
You found out I beat up some nigga and my messages you just started dodging

Well fuck you too!
I don't need you
I got the bois so what you gonna do?
We'll get fucked up all night and start yelling out "Woo" [2x]

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