Brothers Of The Stone – Burning  My  Soul
Genre Rap

Burning My Soul

[UNFINISHED, PC running low have to save progress

Verse 1Leaf Dog

Fuck the radio
All of that fucking commercial pop shit. fuck that. [fuck your playlist] ain't what i'm about. [fuck paying to be in a magazine
All about true lyrics, true skills son
Step it up

I listen to the radio and feel my soul burning
Do you measure greatness on skill or just earning?
What determines a true legend in the game?
It's concerning how our points of views ain't quite the same
It won't change, it's arranged by the powers that be
But without them you can't define what is a real MC
Some'll make themselves free, while othеrs just play the role
I'll build my own bridge, you'rе on his paying the toll

They can't take control, like they stuck on autopilot
Always say they'll sell up front, day one and don't hide it! [?
Never sayin' nothing, then somehow they ain't quiet
This is revolution rap, underground start the riot

Bring it back! all your seeing is the Boom and the Bap
Like the old school Batman show, when he would attack
The fans ain't no fool, even though you like to think it's fact
They just like me...wondering 'where's all the classics at?'


Baby dont you know my souls on fire x 4

My ears are fuckin bleedinnng
Fuck that
No ones buyin that
No ones hearin that

Verse:2 BVA

I never heard of the group past but I still hope they break up
If its livin proof than whys that bloke wearin make up
How much room does youre head take up
Cause you keep droppin hits
But thats just fisher price
They only sell it to little kids
They think theyre movie stars
They must be toy story 3
I pride myself in scribin tracks that drink our reality
Theyll be dumb when they passed it
Like university
Ive learnt my lessons from life
They chucked a penny in the sea
Let the flames roar
Still the same jaw
But became raw
I put a line through their best piece of work like a paint war
And whats the definition of commercial? an advert
Make your record label money while they dress you up in pampers
Ain't you heard man
Real music always had the followin
Itstead of carbon copy carbon copy copy copying
We never sold out and jumped ship like a lot of men
And who were those one hit wonders again?
Ive forgotten them


Baby dont you know my souls on fire? x 4

Verse 3Fliptrix

HIGH FOCUS. real music. for the real people

We be free from the chains, releasing the flames
Yet not in the stream that's main
We be unseen like the blood seeping through your veins
To your heart, to find the truth for your arteries

Our art resembles truth, that's where you find a true masterpiece
And see the peace, cut through beef like a carvery
Do you see the scene dispensable?
The question was rhetorical don't answer me

Respect is earnt off the back of the bars and artistry
Pop tarts forgetting why they started since they charted
Cos they arse-lick, now they character got duppy by the money
Turn to puppets so i fuckin' par em

Ripping funky on some old skool avante garde shit
Real is relevant, the rest is off the market like a rotting meat carcass
A&Rs are bastards...
Fucking spark 'em...
Id rather die
Love pour inside my soul and die a four third and
Open up my mind when I rhyme with force


Baby dont you know my souls on fire? x 4

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