Now who the hell
Do you think yourself?
Tryna fuckin teach me life

When you get scared
At the sound of the bell
Then tryna show me where’s
The right path?

I don’t think like you
I’m just goin’ my way
At the time when you
Had fun

And stumbled, I
Was in the hell
And fought just to survive


I don’t care
Where you are now
But I have risen from ashes

Yes, there should be
A line about
The fuckin’ bird of Phoenix
Hell no

I’ll stay different
I’ll just say I didn’t
Even burned out - I fucked the fire

Your empty talks
That’s what kills me


Turn that speaker
Till i'll burn that shit

Killin' undercover
‘Till your ranks won't split

[Verse 2]

Back to wrapping
And repackaging
The dope that’s
In the plastic
Need a truck
Load of the cash
Stash the pistolas in the mattress
Stay out the way of these bastard
Them hating ass
Lying ass
Ugly ass
Lil cowards
Say they stacking bags
They ass backwards
If you ain’t got bread
All across the board
Then None of it gon matter
I’m Tryna stack tall
Bitch we ball
Stand tall
Like the twin towers
New York State of mind
A southern swag
With the same motive to get after bags
So Who is yu to me
Imma big dawg
You mini buzz
Little bitty flea
You say ya shit cool
But you a lame to me
You don’t hold weight on the land bitch
Just make sure you stay the fuck from me
Cause you and I
We are not the same
You and I
Possess different aim
I want just a little change that can change my lane
While y’all chasing ass and that soulless fame
Cold game
So what’s the hold up what’s the game plan
It’s always been the same what you askin!
Stand tall until I’m in the casket
Think what yu what yu wanna I’m not average

Turn that speaker
Till i'll burn that shit

Killin' undercover
‘Till your ranks won't split

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