Brokesixteen – Steve Lacy Freestyle (ruff)

Steve Lacy Freestyle (ruff)

Steve Lacy Freestyle (ruff) lyrics


Woah, woah, nah
Woah, woah, woah


Jalen Green, take off on niggas like a rocket
I don’t fuck with white niggas but I got dead ones in my pocket
I get, very active when I’m turnt, it’s hard to stop it
And all my songs is prophecies, so in the streets they call me prophet
I don’t own this beat, watch how I still flip it into profit
I had a treesh in New York that play with balls, that hoe be toppin’
Choppa blowing dudes so much, I had to bring it out the closet
I had a hoe that’s into philosophy, for niggas, she’ll still pop it
Turn your phone off, take your clothes off
Been with plenty white girls that sniff their nose off
I’m in a trackhawk with a bitch, she playing slow songs
She got me high, so we can fuck, I’m finna doze off
Turn your phone off, take your clothes off
These women say they can’t date me ‘cause I’m closed off
I told her “‘cause nobody raised me, I gotta cold heart”
I’m in the hood, like Steve Lacy with some chrome heart

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