Broken Curses – Eyedeal Bayano
Genre Rap

Broken Curses

Verse 1Eyedeal Bayano

And she still sayin Mira
I'm still drinking that Chivas
In memory of my uncle was hoping he got that VISA
That pickup truck grabbing immigrants out front the cleaners
Every A M
Day out and day in
Construction boots start lacing
5 migos, 3 Ghanians and 2 Haitians
First time they seen snow, a triple goose and a duffle bag
Nobody told em they’d get introduced to Uncle Sam
Thought this was the promise land
Begging moms for Sonic man
Lying to get free lunch, to eat you can't be honest man
He said hide this in your halter while I drink my Malta
The same times that drew a Highsenberg from Walter
Mira, Bayano Boy never falter
Mira, Bayano Boy might assault ya
Just to get these bread rolls
Just to get these pesos
Just to get these pesos, they say trade in ya sombrero
Lacing up my Jordan 1s
Chose to quit my job, build a studio, record a ton
Talking to execs while I'm on the run
My primo, hand on the gun
He told me be a good boy, this rap shit, you on to some
Then he disappeared, I was too young to understand that he was on the run
Mama, want some jewelry? yea, go ’head order some
She was in the barrio in the 80s for her only son
Shirts hanging on clothes lines hoping that the storm don't come
I chilled there every summer, young teenagers just pouring rum
Meeting new lady friends and shady friends
But they ain't seen a fighter like this Panamanian
They, used to ignore us, now the tourbus a whore bus
Labels know they can't short us, sh-short us with these offers
The finest wine that we corking
Producer from Cameroon, bought some land with an Ostrich
So he can live realer in a v-v-villa till he die of natural causes
And stay away from the coroner
I'm just warming up
This is the story of the son of 2 foreigners
Bayano Boy I used to play with Tonka Toys
I'm Odysseus, and I came to conquer Troy

Verse 2Eyedeal Bayano

I think I might cop a crib in Olney
Give my daughter a real pony
The same peers from back when you was lonely
Ain't guaranteed to be there at your ring ceremony
That's life
Just like when we came across the border
Cross the Rio Grande see dead bodies in the water
Praying for the natives that stood up in North Dakota
Shit, they coming down the hills and they got they semis loaded
That’s life
That’s really when you see who is devoted
Always soak your game in from the oldest ones that told it
That's life
That’s really when you see who is devoted
Always soak your game in from the oldest ones that told it, mira
Abuelito 91
Hair nicely done
We tried to take to take it from, him
But we couldn't find his gun
OGs don't change
OGs just age
They turn the page
And smoke that shit that smell like sage
You still a slave homie
You just earn a wage
So quit that shit
Then spit that shit
Before they burn ya stage
Now that was my wake up call
Take life easy 'fore you wake up bald
When you come up short still wake up tall
I guess it’s my turn to wake up y'all
Wake up the dealership
Wake up the mall
I do this for my niggas that can't wake up at all, mira
I meditate and listen to my ancestors
And when I close my eyes I can see their hand gestures
So I take a knee right after the band enters
Cuz I don't trust y'all and y'all damn agenda
I swear pain gets passed down
I wasn't there but I remember
When, my grandpa wore suspenders
Pops was a bartender
In that 68 December
90 degree winter
Climbing trees to pick fruit but they ain't have no blender
Gang of cousins so you only get one piece
In a land where circumstance can make you a thief
La 3 Noviembre was the name of the street
A small wooden room where you sleep head to feet
And Lalo said hijo, aside from what you eat
The key to living long is procreate then repeat
Gave my sisters a niece
Lil man on the way I gave my family a chief
Now my cypher complete
Turned that canoe to a yacht
Turned that yacht to a fleet
Best thing about is I found my own sea, Mira
Gave my sisters a niece
Bayanito on the way I gave my family a chief, Mira

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