Brittany Campbell – Ode to M
Genre R&B

Ode to M

Terrified I'm looking for a reason
Beyond a claim to fame
I wanna let it go
But don't you know
It's hard to let the sunshine in
When I ain't got the cash to shop bodegas
No fortune to my name
With dreams beyond my grasp
But then at last
You've come to rescue me
There ain't no other one, no other love, no other joy
There ain't no other drug that feels so right
So it might seem strange
When I don't behave the way that lovers do

Oh, don't you understand? Oh, don't you understand?
Even my man can't make mе feel the way that you do
So it don't feel strange that I'd gladly walk away
Just to spend my days making lovе with you

Yes, I know that this could mean disaster
But let me, let me make it clear
There is love, there is reason in melody

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