Brigid Mae Power – Didn't It Rain
Genre Pop

Didn't It Rain

No matter how dark the storm gets overhead
They say someone's watching from the calm at the edge
What about us when we're down here in it
We gotta watch our own backs

But if you do see that golden light
That it shines in its fiery eye
Go on and catch it while you can
Go on and catch it if you can

Let it course through you
And let it burn through you
If it's the light of truth
If it's the light of truth

If they think you got it they're going to beat it out of you
Through work and debt, whatever all else there is
You gotta watch your own back
Try to see the light of goodness burning down thе track

Through the blinding rain, through the swaying wires
If I see you strugglе, I will not turn my back
I've seen a good man and a bad man
Down the same path

I've seen the light of truth keeping out of it
And told them to watch their own backs
If I see you struggle and givin' all that you got
I see you work all night burning your light
To the last of its dim watts
I'm gonna help you how I can

If you see me struggle all night and
Give me a hand 'cause I'm in need
I'll call you friend indeed
But I'm going to watch my own back

Didn't it rain

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