Brevenbell – The breven bell '23 freestyle

The breven bell '23 freestyle

Part 1

I don’t fit in on park ave
In webster, I stand out
Rapping is dancing speech
I built this out - fuck any hand outs
I stand out in these streets
I stand out in these streets
Outstandin in these streets
I pull up. Hook em. Pull em in / up
Swerve skeet skert skert
This music makes me feel alive
Writing lyrics while walk-in on
I on icy streets - rmbr me 4 eons. E! On
I’m on E, brah
E 4 321 for energy. Effort. Excellence

Part 2

My heart is with the muses
The movements
Ima Moovement
I meant that
Mention that
Got tension? Where y’all at, though?
Twotwo Pensive
Grounded, i been in. Nostop grow in
Always go in. b Wеll-rounded
Kid, got the sounds. N
I’m running for real this timе
Nah, this town
Bb all-around. Whatta great playa
I don’t need not tot. thot. tater. tata
Outflow. Ima that outlaw. Been tazered
I got fit. I fit well. I wear shit well
Wellllll, shit that tailored. Gang gang
That’s a taper
Oh the digital tapes y’all all got
I’m writing this. On the record 2. I can now refer to this

Part 3

I’m not showing off
What Liam’s mom said of me at a young age
I just have messages
I created my own platform, written bloody pages
I’m not showing off
I’m just expressing my truths
I’m not addressing your [uh
I’m just addressing you
I, don’t know, u
I might be addressing your worth
Your part. For sure, your heart
I’m just addressing your truths
I’m just expressing YOUR youth
By a Christian lens, they even perspectives God
I guess ima god
I guess I’m odd
What does that mean?
That’s an angle. Ima 3rd angel
Me me me. That’s the trinity
Uneven. Brrrrr-even
Triangle. Mr. OddBell
Yes - eccentric / unconventional
My public work, Christ, is intentional
Dimensions. Dimensional
Hello, I love you
- and no I’m not on drugs
I don’t - I love what’s deep n real
What’s down. What’s up? What’s good?
Hun. Hmm. I guess social norms now ethical
To the previously mentioned. Plebeians off-ly skeptical
I move for all of them. Vegetables
I’m the main course. This brought bring bullshit
They spread these things like the virus
Make it by default acceptable
Ima just walk away. Ima just leave

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