​brentalfloss – Bye Donald (Trump in Stripes Forever)
Genre Pop

Bye Donald (Trump in Stripes Forever)

Farewell, go to hell, au revoir
Shamble on 'cause the con's finally over
Go tweet, cry and eat in your bed
And repeat that until you're dead
Yes, you had your chance and you failed
So fly, fly like a puffy orange reindeer
Vamoose, cut it loose, trim your sails
Because you don't have to go home but you can't stay here

Everybody knows you're full of crap, a shitty, shady schmuck who's shifty
Will you ever see your wife again? I think I'd call it fifty/fifty
Gotta say, I don't think I will miss you
Time for you to enter the abyss, you
Oughta take your tacky curtains with you
'Cause the voters have dismissed you

Pack your bags, take a hike, bon voyage
Time to go be a global pariah
You had such a swing and a miss
That you actually lost to this [Corn Pop]

Get lost, go kick rocks, fade away
Better storm out the door before you're dragged off
Adieu, toodle-loo and good day

The nation made an easy choice
Now we won't have to hear your voice
Or hear your unconvincing lies
About your hand and penis size
But hey, aside from all the jokes
You really harmed a lot of folks
So lots of luck, JK, get fucked, you evil jagoff

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