Brenda Holloway – Lucky My Boy
Genre R&B

Lucky My Boy



Verse 1

Lucky my boy
You're all the luck I need [Lucky my boy
I call you lucky
'Cause you've charmed the life I need
You've brought me so much contentment
Never knew what heaven-sent meant
'Til you came and whispered my name



Verse 2

Lucky my boy
Before you came my way [Lucky my boy
Life was a gamble
I lost each I time I'd play
My days of chance are all over
Now that you're my four-leaf clover
No horseshoe could measure
Up to you




I'm lucky seven days a week, I look forward to this
I'm lucky sevеn nights a week of knowing your kiss
On the merry-go-round of life, I'd nеver won a thing
But when I won you, I grabbed onto the brasserie

Verse 3

Lucky my boy
You cast a spell tonight [Lucky my boy
Goin' with you, now
Makes every little thing go right
And all my wishes are granted
'Cause you keep my world enchanted
My good luck will hold out
As long as I hold


Lucky my boy
Lucky my boy
He's so good [Lucky, lucky my boy
Knock on wood [Lucky, lucky my boy
He's my lucky charm [Lucky, lucky my boy]

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