Break The Net Freestyle – Nick Enaigbe
Genre Rap

Break The Net Freestyle

It’s time for me to talk my shit
And rightfully so
I used to sit and write to these hoes
Now they invite me to bone
They ain’t see the vision before
But now the vision unfolds
Gotta build a dynasty dome
And make it privately owned
I been moving silently so
To keep anxiety low
Because when you finally blow
These bitches quietly show
Man they sit admire my flow
Cause i’m entirely dope
Life had me tied to the ropes
But I survived all the blows
I’m hot likе a 100 degrees
What the fuck do you mean?
Got a girl spеnd more time on her knees
Then she do on her feet
I really could've went to the league
Or bagged up a key
But I chose to spit on these beats
Make some hits for the streets
Went to college got a degree
Man come holla at me
I used to ask for dollas
Now niggas give dollars to me
At the Ramada with a petite model
She swallowing D
If you get a follow from me
That's an honorable fee
I haven’t been the best
Bitches call my phone
I don't even check
Every shot they took was indirect
I don't even sweat
All that other shit it don’t effect
Money I collect
If you out here getting to this bag
You got my respect
All these other bitches that I had
Tryna' reconnect
Tell me why these other niggas mad?
Why they so upset?
They was out here dreaming bout' this cash
But they overslept
Made of video of Westside Gunn
And I broke the net

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