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May 15, 2023

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Only Time lyrics

Only Time

Uhhh uhhh

I look down at my phone
It's my anniversary
And these memories is all
Just like a curse to me
As long as you know I'm the
One that did first u see
I know it hurts to see
You know it hurts to see
Me in a better place
With a better baby
But at the end of the day
I need you to save me
I'm off this LSD
No, we not on the same thing
Can you please save me (4x)
Nah, cuz I been on the same thing
I'm with a bad bih, think her name katy
They go out sad bih
Saying that made me
That shit is sad kid
Bitches made uh plastic
Choppa automatic
Yea, that shit they blasting
Got the wood grain on thе choppa
Not plastic
And it's fuck the fame
I just need the fucking racks bitch
I don't know hеr name
But the pussy fantastic
Four like my money is elastic
Oh you poor thang ya life been tragic
Pour some more drank and end it faster
And they all hate
Say I'm a bastard

Only Time I thought of you was
When I was down (So down, so down)
Only Time I thought I ever knew
When I'm around (When I come around, when I come around, ohh)
Only Time I thought I ever could
When you was around (When you was around)
And now the Only Time, the Only Time
I don't even think of you no mo
I only po up a 4
I know it sounds harsh but the codeine full
I go back to the start like I'm reversing yo
What comes around goes around and that's no joke
I know my city stays awake so I stay woke
This bitch is really pretty but she just a hoe
I know they really get me but I', still unknown
How you fucking with me but behind my back
You change your tone
Now you pay the price and watch yo ass get blown
Only time I'm making bands is when I'm asleep
Only Type I'm fucking with is all of you queens
(Back to you, Yea that's the truth)