Boy, Bear – State of Flight
Genre Rock

State of Flight

State of Flight lyrics

Cos I got something on gravity
And on the mist I’m gonna lay, in this effortless state of mine
Straight up flight
As every sound I’d lost was in range yeah
My symphony of exchange
But it won’t be long there this time
This state of flight
This state of mine

And I’ve been testing the laws of my dreams yeah
I’m not afraid of heights
I’m up to nine lives
It’s the rush that intrigues me
It’s just enough so the soul can breath, but
It’s a lot to make sense of
But I ‘ve never known enough to resist this life
This statе of flight

And I never really wantеd money
I never really needed love
The only thing that I had ever wanted
Was everything that I dreamed of
And I never really wanted money
I never really prayed to god
The only thing that I had ever wanted
Was living in this life I got

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